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South Dakota Family Connection - Keeping Families Together While They Are Apart. Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

South Dakota Family Connection Serving Sioux Falls and families around the country!
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Family Connection - Sioux Falls, SD

Since Mother's Day weekend 1996, Family Connection continues to serve and support individuals and families with loved ones in prison. 


We began with our hospitality house on the corner of Minnesota Avenue and 7th Street. Over the years, we’ve grown, adding a second hospitality house. We’ve also added a new program called Children’s Connection, which provides support for children with a close family member in prison. 


Today we serve hundreds of people each year in our houses, making it possible for them to visit family members who are incarcerated. Guests are not charged, but we do ask for a $5 donation if possible. 


This year Children’s Connection is working with over 200 children. We offer group therapy sessions, during their lunch periods, for these children. This program has grown tremendously – over 550 children in the area have a loved one in prison, so there’s still a long way to grow. 


We invite you to join Family Connection and Children’s Connection through volunteering or making a donation. Thanks for your support!



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